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POPCON is a collaborative community for online creators (YouTube, Insta & FB) that supports each other, grow & level themselves up in producing amazing content for Social Media and help them sustain a comfortable living from it!

It all began with 4 YouTuber wannabes who didn’t know where to start. After failing miserably, they decided to ask around for help but upon further inquiring, they realised that if they were confused, there were many others who were equally as confused as they were!

So they decided take matters into their own hands by building the community, that they desperately wanted to be a part of, and POPCON was born!

So what is POPCON? It’s a gathering for people who love online video content, creators, influencers, marketeers who come together to learn, grow and become big together-gether…

And the best thing? POPCON is not just about the founders, its about people like YOU who have big dreams, aspirations and want to move mountains but either don’t know how or got stuck along the way.  YES its about you so come reach out to us and tell us what you wanna learn of or hear from people so together we can grow faster, make amazing, inspiring content and move communities and the nation!  Come join POPCON today!

Facebook Group : popconfest
YouTube : popconfest
Instagram : popconfest
Email : hello@popcon.io
Website : www.popcon.io